difference between Knetworkmanager in Live KDE and KDE in DVD

Before upgrading to 11.4 i used the KDE Live CD and was impressed by the looks of the network manager applet, but when i installed KDE from the DVD, the default applet is different.
Anyone knows how to have the looks of the live CD?


I have installed from the live CD, and from the NET CD. I see the same Icon in both cases.

When not connected, it looks like a tiny dot;
when connected wired, it looks like an ethernet connector;
when connected to wifi, it looks a bit like the sound applet, rotated 90 degrees (radiating upward)
when the network is set for “ifup”, it looks like a red circle with an X.

Yes it’s true. There is difference between networkmanager on KDE live CD and networkmanager in installed system from DVD. I think that networkmanager plasmoid is not installed from DVD. You can try installing it:

zypper in plasmoid-networkmanagement

And add plasmoid to system tray

Thank you Helgast, i didn’t notice that in the Live CD, the network manager was actually a plasmoid, it looks great.
the bad part is I couldn’t even find it on kde-look.org or in the “get new plasmoids” utility, probably it would be great to make it a little advertisement, because its a great software piece.

As I said install plasmoid executing

zypper in plasmoid-networkmanagement

and then you should be able to choose it from plasmoids in KDE