DHT disabled in ktorrent?

I just noticed that DHT was disabled in ktorrent. I guess I’ve always used the updated ktorrent from Packman and didn’t notice this in the opensuse version. I’m testing 11.2 without the Packman repo and just noticed this. Is there a specific reason behind this? It is a very useful feature. I assume it was disabled when ktorrent was compiled.

DHT is better off IMO. It just floods your router and BT software. You will find many respectable torrent sites actively either discourage DHT or actually ban it.

Any good torrent sites will ban DHT.

Some people prefer to disable DHT for security reasons (less probability of being traced and having your traffic eavesdropped). This of course goes at the expense of performance, as you may find fewer peers without DHT.
Typically what I do is keeping it disabled and I enable it only when I cannot find peers (which happens very rarely).

PS: I have SafePeer plugin in Vuze and I noticed that almost 100% of attacks that are detected and blocked come from DHT…

Also, for DHT to work you have to open it’s port in Suse’s firewall. Sometimes, not always, using DHT makes a considerable difference in the number of seeds you connect to.

Yes, ktorrent is compiled with DHT support disabled. It is also patched to remove the search links to PirateBay and such kind of webs.
It is because Novell’s lawyers said it could be a legal problem… How? No idea, lawyers don’t like to talk in public.

At least allow user to choose. Warn, bot do not prohibit.
Switched to Packman’s version of KTorrent, all now all the features work fine.