devilspie on SUSE 11 (gnome) not working / without effect

Hi folks,

I am desperately trying to get devilspie working.
The goal is to undecorate kaffeine but despite various ways of writing the *.ds devilspie simply does not take effect.
I’ve tried different programs and different parameters (contains, matches, is… etc.), however, this phoney little program does not make any difference for no apparent reason!!!

The console displays no errors, all *.ds (which I wrote myself) are loaded and devilspie 0.18.242 is deamonized.

the latest attempt was:

(matches (application_name) “kaffeine”)
( undecorate )
( geometry “928x720” )

Please help me, it is swallowing me!


PS: dear admin, I originally intended to post in “applications”… sorry

-> if I add “or” to the config.ds without relation, devilspie will target all windows.

To conclude, the program works but I cannot find the bloody mistake in the config script to target only desired apps!


thanks for reading…

I think devilspie is a fine program, but you’re right, it can be frustrating to configure. Some hints

Try using window_name instead of application name.
To find an application name, use “xprop” and look for WM_CLASS
To guess an application name, capitalise the first letter of the program name.

Those are lisp style sexps, I’m not sure if they will work if you include whitespace next to the brackets as in your example.

I’ll try on my machine …

; -*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-
; kaffeine.ds

    (matches (application_name) "Kaffeine")