/dev/lp0 not available? CUPS / OS 11.0


I am working with a vintage Brother HL-820 printer (OS 11.0 / CUPS) connected to the (sole) parallel port. Two other printers are operating via a print server that is not compatible with the Brother HL-820. This has been working fine for some years but since last week, the Brother won’t print anymore for some unknown reason.

Re-configuration of the printer queue by Yast won’t help, test pages will not print.

I found out that the Brother printer can be re-enabled (via KDE Control Panel / Attached Devices / Printers) when permissions on /dev/lp0 are changed from 660 to 666 previously. The current print job will then print but permissions will be reset to 660 after that; chmodding back to 666 will work for the next job, but this workaround is obviously no real solution to the problem.

If possible, I want to avoid removing the complete printing system and reconfiguring all 12 printing queues anew so that’s why I am asking if anybody might have a hint at a suitable solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance

Rüdiger Otterpohl