Detect and Avoid IP Address Conflicts

how can I enable this in a opensuse 12.3 dhcp server?

Detect and Avoid IP Address Conflicts

Real World Example: A unicast IPv4 address is a standard IP address for class A, B, and C networks. When a DHCP client requests a lease, a DHCP server checks its pool of available addresses and assigns the client a lease on an available IPv4 address. By default, the server checks only the list of current leases to determine whether an address is available. It doesn’t actually query the network to see whether an address is in use.

Unfortunately, in a busy network environment, an administrator might have assigned this IPv4 address to another computer or an offline computer might have been brought online with a lease that it believes hasn’t expired, even though the DHCP server believes the lease has expired. Either way, you have an address conflict that will cause problems on the network. To reduce these types of conflicts, set the conflict detection to a value greater than 0.

If you really think you need this option then try the following:

man dhcpd.conf

search for ‘ping-check’

Good luck.

On Thu 04 Apr 2013 06:56:02 PM CDT, Easgs wrote:

how can I enable this in a opensuse 12.3 dhcp server?

‘Detect and Avoid IP Address Conflicts’


Have you had a look at the man page for dhcpd.conf, it has an
explanation in there…

man 5 dhcpd.conf

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