DesktopBSD & PC-BSD?


What do you think about PC-BSD and DesktopBSD? >:)

I tried PC-BSD, but it is somehow incomplete. Not really user friendly, what desktop is meant to be.
They both have relatively small user community, which results as lack of suggestions and critique.

I have tried PC-BSD but I prefer to set up FreeBSD myself with KDE compiled manually from the ports. I heard there are not going to be any more DesktopBSD releases because the main developer didn’t have the time to contribute to it.

PC-BSD is hybrid. It is based on system for servers, and still uses server logic, which is not for desktop. Differences between server and desktop are like differences between airplane and bicycle.
On my computer it takes much more RAM than openSUSE, but has less CPU usage.

DesktopBSD has got a new development team:
DesktopBSD: News entry[tt_news]=42&tx_ttnews[backPid]=55&cHash=2420638ccb

Its great that DesktopBSD got a new dev team. I look forward to trying out their future release on a virtual machine

I used PC-BSD for some months. BSD lacks applications.