Desktop Icons moving at startup

I’ve seen other comments about moving icons at startup but I have not seen a solution. How can I fix this? I had the same problem in Leap 42.2 and solved it by locking the icons in place using the Plasma config. After upgrading to 42.3 all was well but about 2 weeks ago this started happening again. The icons are locked in place but they don’t maintain their location at startup.

Leap 42.3, KDE Plasma 5.8.7, kernel 4.4.79-19.

After booting, I can unlock the icons, move them to the desired location, and relock them. It is always the same 2 icons that move. The Trash Folder and a program S.A.C.T (Samba Automated Configuration Tool) posted in 2013 by James McDaniel.

The normal desired view:

The view I get after booting:
This is my settings for plasma desktop folder showing icons locked is ticked.