Desktop icons KDE 4.9

I just updated my 12.1 x86_64 laptop to KDE4.9
So far seems spiffy, but I would like to use the Folder View widget for desktop icons rather than the icons appearing by default(?) on the desktop.
I have the folder view widget set up now.

Where does one control the display of icons on the desktop, i.e. how do I shut them off?


‘Desktop Icons’ is a view that provides a traditional Desktop. Where you can have whatever Icons you wish. The whole desktop is a widget for the location ~/Desktop

Whereas the activity ‘Desktop’ provides a adjustable folder widget on the plasma workspace.

If you are using ‘Desktop Icons’ you can remove icons, but not switch them off.

Thanks, I had not seen or used the “Desktop Icons” activity before.
I selected the “Desktop” activity and am back where I wanted to be.

Excellent .