desktop icon font color change

how do i change the icon font color for icons on the desktop?

It would probably help to tell us what desktop environment you’re using :wink:

kde plasma 5.22.3 and tumbleweed


KDE System Settings → Appearance → Colors → Scheme – for example “openSUSE” – “mouse over” – the “pencil” icon to the left of the rubbish bin icon – edit the text colour …

ive tried that and changed every single white color in the list the desktop icon colors for there text r still white

I’m open to correction here but IIRC it’s determined by the plasma theme itself rather than the user colour scheme.

Perhaps take a look at:

You have to save your new colour scheme «with a new name» before it becomes effective.

  • Then, you have to select and apply your new colour scheme to activate it.

See the section “Testing” in the document indicated by tannington.