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Hello, I’m pretty new to linux and decided to go with SuSE, and I’m liking it so far. I just had a few questions, hoping someone could help me out. First, how, if at all, can I put my default panel to the top of the screen. I try and add a new panel at the top, then add all the widgets, but it’s like twice the size of the default. Next, should I have desktop effects on or off? I try switching them on using the OpenGL choice, but it says that they cant be activated with the configuration I have. Would I have to switch it to Xrender in order to get all the effects? And lastly, would anyone recommend a docking station(like Mac), or is it just a waste? Thanks in advance.](ImageBam)

Here is my top launch panel](ImageBam)

Tell us what graphics card / device you have

Just in case
Main Panel - Windows Live

I have a NVidia GeForce 8400M GT. Also, thanks for the quick reply.

Did you install the drivers?

NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

I just did the 1-click install.

Do things seem any better?

Yes, I can use the desktop effects now. How do you get that 3d cube effect, like in the opensuse desktop snapshots they have.

Nevermind, everything seems to be working perfectly, thanks a lot for the help!

Good news;)