Desktop Folder missing after reboot

I don’t know if this has something to do with recent updates. However, after I rebooted my OpenSuSE v42.1 Linux Desktop computer, the Desktop Folder that contains all icons is no longer showing on my desktop screen. The Wallpaper (Alt-D + Alt-S) still shows Desktop entry in Layouts. If I changed to Folder View, all icons appear on the Desktop (not Desktop Folder). Can anyone please help me to restore my Desktop Folder?<br><br>For now, I have to resort the rather painful traditional way to launch any applications by clicking through the K-panel → sub-panels → … → program icon.

Just to be sure, does the folder still exists within your home directory?

Secondly, I am assuming you are using KDE Plasma as your desktop environment.

Assuming you are using KDE, I would try removing the desktop folder widget and re-add it. There is a possibility an update came thru on the widget that may have caused it to lose some sort of association to something. I can’t say for sure.

I hope that helps, if not, be sure to let me know!

I assume you want a folder view widget, First right click desktop and be sure widgets are unlocked. Then right click again and select add widgets find the folder view widget and drag to where you want it hoover over widgets and hold left mouse button a view seconds to get control s to pop open select settings and point it to the directory you want to show. Lock widgets to stop accidentally removing or moving.

Yes and your step-by-step instruction helps me to bring back my Desktop Folder. Just one question. Regardless if the Widgets are locked or unlocked, I can’t move the Desktop Folder to a new location I want. During the creation of the Desktop Folder, the location where I want the Desktop Folder to reside is covered by the Widget panel. The panel will only disappear after I release the left mouse button.

Ensure that the widgets are unlocked. The way you interact with the widgets has changed slightly as of recent. You have to click and hold for a bit to get the ability to move the widgets. Probably an attempt at being ore touch friendly.


OK. I thank you all for helping me resolving this issue, especially gogalthorp with the step-by-step instruction.