Desktop customization help

Thought this forum need a good thread about desktop customization so users who don’t know how to can easily get help. I’ve got allot of knowledge about GNOME desktop, but when it comes to KDE things takes more time to learn for me.

I’ve played around with Ubuntu allot and got some attention for my Ubuntu desktop configuration that entered a contest at OMG! Ubuntu! homepage.

So lets help each other and make our openSUSE distributions more personal :slight_smile:

More customized than this? And yes, this is openSUSE 11.4…

Does anything looks familiar to you?

Nice! :wink:

I used to have the ambience theme on Fedora as well. It’s a nice theme, but better when one can have the power of openSUSE instead of Ubuntu :slight_smile:

you can download kde themes and add-ons from here:
Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop -

Thanks, but I prefer to add various types of customizations through the “Workspace Appearance” and “Application Appearance” in System settings. That way one can now for sure the customization will work.

But it’s a good place for inspiration and to see what themes are popular so someone probably get use for it :wink:

Also recommend to check out for the ones that use Gnome.

I think that might be OS/2 Warp, but I am not sure :wink:

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: I just found your post while searching the forums, and I found a lot of nice themes and wallpapers there.

What font is used in the panels? Looks beautiful!

Thank you!

so far i see its global menu with ubuntu theme please make me correct

also some small tutorials

suse tweaks,tricks and eye candy stuff - Wilders Security Forums