desktop cosmetics problem...

Hi there, I was fooling around with my desktop settings this afternoon and I accidentally lost the (not sure what the right word is in english…) little icons in he bottom bar that tell you what applications are opened and enable you to switch easily from one to another, see what I mean?! Can anyone help? Thanks!!


Only a guess: are you using kde? If so right click on the desktop and choose run command. In the pop-up window that will appear type kicker and hit return. It should fix your problem.

Thanks for your help, but it doesn’t do anything… I’m on KDE 4, anyone else has an idea? It looks like a simple problem and shouldn’t be that hard to fix…


I believe the panel (or, bottom bar, as you say :)) is still present. In such a case:-
1.Unlock all widgets (right click on desktop and select unlock widgets), then
2.Right click on the panel and select add widgets (if you are on KDE 4.1 you can also click on the little cashew at the right edge of the panel and select add widget from the menu there),
3.In the add widgets window that now appears scroll down until you find task-manager and double click on it.
4.The task-manager (which displays icon for the open windows) should be now added to the panel (you may move it around until you are satisfied as to where on the panel you would like to keep it).
Hope that helps.