Dependency Problems

I was using THIS guide to install restricted multimedia codecs. I got to the part where I had to switch system packages to the Packman packages. It came up with a number of dependency errors. I then had a stupid moment and told it to ignore the dependencies and break the applications. Now Xine won’t even start, and Amarok seems to have disappeared on my computer. Oh and I also got a bunch of weird dependency problems when I was trying to install some of the packages from Packman too as listed on the guide. I also told it to ignore them when it couldn’t find the dependencies. I’m scared I fudged multimedia up so badly I would have to do a clean install to get it back.

BTW, I’m running openSUSE 11.2. I don’t know if there are other specifications that matter.

Please try opening a terminal and become su and do this:

zypper dup

If it asks questions other than you saying Y/N, post them here

That kind of helped, but I wasn’t totally happy with the result. Since I had everything recently backed up, I just did a clean install and followed the guide again. This time it went without a hitch. I think I might have also fudged some steps when I was first doing it.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Well done;)

Linuxified wrote:
> I think I might have also fudged some steps when I was first doing it.

my experience is that computers are actually pretty dumb…and, when
one feeds them fudge they get sticky and sick…

another way to say that is GIGO, see,_Garbage_Out