Dependcy failed

For some time now I have had three hard drives in my computer, yesterday, It would not boot. I started looking at the bootlog and found this error

Dependcy failed for /dev/sdd1

After further investigation I discovered that fdisk and fsck didn’t find sdd1. The other hhd’s work ok. I edited my fstab file so it did not run at boot.
One strange think about this is that Dolphin can see the hdd and mount it.

How can I fix this?
As always thank you for your help

There’s a good chance that this is a hardware issue.

Maybe it takes to long to respond, but is responding by the time your desktop is up – and that’s why dolphin works.

But I’m just guessing.

Am guessing your sdd device is a removable device, perhaps a USB device when you installed?
It would be the fourth enumerated storage device on your system… Count how many storage device you normally have in your system and then try to image what might have been the fourth.

From that, you can then start to look for how that device might have been mounted and likely remove the mount point.