Deluge 1.3.0 how to request packman to package for 11.3?

I know the packman people don’t pay attention to these forums. How do you request they update to Deluge 1.3.0 which is the current stable version for 11.3? Where do you go that they pay attention to?

I don’t know how to package this myself so really don’t need to be told how to do it.

pascal<at>  also cc to packman<at>

If you ever want to contact Packman - go to the website and lookup the package, in your case: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket deluge
Notice the Packager, there is an email address there.


Email sent from the web page.

I hope he can to it. The package is not that popular if you go by the number of downloads shown for 11.3. It was much worse for the x86_64 version for 11.1 I was running a whole 7 downloads :expressionless: Deluge is very lightweight and allows adjustments ktorrent doesn’t even have.

Going by your sig, I wouldn’t have though lightweight was such a necessity. I use azureus mostly and folk rant till the cows come home about that being bloated. Personally, I never notice it.

I used Azureus but I stopped for many reasons but bloat was not one of them. It really does way more than I have need of as far and being hooked into my media. I understand using it in the classic mode is pretty hard now.

I run one torrent at a time and have a one to one cap set on seeding so deluge does the job.

Other packman stuff
Mplayer/Smplayer and Deluge are absolute musts.
Now I have started listening to internet radio streams gxine.
Kaffine for DVDs and some music playing
Audacious for more music playback (LOL 25% CPU usage on some stuff)
Somehow I have libdvdcss without and VLC nonsense.
Packman for the win.

I sent an email as well. I use Deluge 100% of the time, it’s absolutely perfect (Aside from a few problems I have with my state folder every now and then, hoping that 1.3.0 solved this issue). :slight_smile: