Dell XPS 15 L502x - how to DISABLE NVIDIA card?


my friends, I am new to the opensuse system. My XPS is woorking in kinda high temperature I think, it stays on 64Cº to 65Cº in normal use. I would like to DISABLE NVIDIA card, cause for me there is no use. The processors video graphics is enough, some people say that is that can be done the temperature drops down. Can anyone help me through it? Tks in advance.

That should help you:

Friend AdaLovelace, tks for your help, it is almost working…

the only problem I am having now is that I cannot unload the driver as it says on the tutorial:

when I run:

SuSe:/home/ricardo/Downloads/bbswitch-0.5 # modprobe -r nouveau
**FATAL: Module nouveau is in use.

**what can I do to solve this?

Tks again.

Did you use all the commands? Look to the lines above.

If the card stays “ON” after issuing the “OFF” command, probably the driver has not been unloaded.