Dell OMSA Mgmt on OpenSUSE 12.2

I’m trying to install the Dell server management software onto opensuse 12.2 but I’m having no look with the repository or via direct download.
Does anyone know if its possible to get OMSA running on 12.2 x64 so I can use it to monitor the dell hardware running it?

When I configure the Dell repo it indicates that no software found for opensuse on x64 and the direct download only lists enterprise 11 as a possible nearest neighbour OS

Check this page out

Thanks that got me 90% of the way home but when I start OMSA it don’t list any components on the main chassis and it can’t find my PERC 6/I storage controller or disks
I thought it was related to uname26 wrapper but I can’t find the compiled uname26 in the / directory and the sym link in /usr/bin/uname26 don’t point anywhere but found uname26 in /root After moving it to /root and modifying the sym link in /usr/bin/uname26 to point to it plus a reboot I have OMSA running and can see the list of components, OS details and the hardware status

You might be able to help others by posting a step by step FAQ here Unreviewed How To and FAQ