Dell color laser drivers.

I’m considering buying a Dell laser. Are drivers available for the color laser C1765nfw or C2665dnf? For cost reasons, I’d prefer the C1765nfw if I can get it running. I’m running 64bit 13.2 right now. I believe I saw on a Ubuntu forum that someone got the C1765 to work using the Dell 1355 Foomatic/foo2hbpl2 driver. Can anyone confirm that this would work under OpenSuse? I don’t want to buy a $200 brick.


Many would say choose a decent HP laser for this reason. Regarding the Dell and the foo2hbpl2 driver, the following might be of interest

Thanks for the reference. This makes me lean toward the 2665. According to the Dell web site it has drivers for SUSE enterprise desktop 10 and 11. I would guess from this that the drivers would work under 13.2? Would this be right?

Well from the technical specs, I note that this model apparently supports the following print languages: PCL6, PostScriptTM Level3 Compatible, XPS. That is encouraging. It should work with a generic postscript driver as well. (In general, the Linux support for HP and Brother printers is far better though, so far more popular with Linux users.)

Anyway, I had a quick look at the driver supplied, and I note that the RPM proivdes a filter and PPD file, so quite a simple driver, which should work in any CUPS environment.


Thanks for the information.