Deleting wine program entirely

Hello everyone, I’m using OpenSUSE 11.1 with GNOME desktop. I try to install a Windows game using Wine, but the game didn’t run:(. So I delete it using the uninstaller that provided by the game. It successfully uninstalled, but there are still some shortcut in more applications. Is anyone know how to delete this shortcut?

> Is anyone know how to delete this shortcut?

the easiest way to avoid the crud which Windows[tm] programs bring in
is to not install them in the first place…

Redmond makes a pretty good game system, why don’t use it for your
games and keep your Linux at its original full “industrial strength”
and free from the Redmond’s game system crud!

natural_pilot /( )

Are you referring to shortcuts in the gnome menu? If so, you need to use a gnome menu editor to remove these. (Sorry, I use KDE and haven’t used gnome in a long time so I don’t know the commands to edit the menu. Does it still use Alacarte?)

Also, I disagree strongly with the previous post. Many Windows games work quite well in linux, and wine doesn’t let any junk get installed outside of the .wine folder besides the shortcuts you referred to.

You may want to see if your game is supported in playonlinux. Often games require a bit of tweaking to run in wine, and playonlinux has them pre-configured.

> Also, I disagree strongly with the previous post.

do as you wish…but i recommend folks run games on game operating
systems, like Redmond’s…

and do work, school work, real life and etc on a real operating
system, like Linux, AIX, UNIX, BSD and etc…

and, following in that line of thought:

i recommend folks run native Linux programs (like RAYZ, Maya or Shake,
see on Linux, and not in any game system
like Windows or PlayStation…


/( )\ natural_pilot

Hey Cless,

I’ve also experienced the same problem when removing Windows programs from Wine. The easiest and more efficient way to solve the problem is to remove the unused icons (the icons of the now uninstalled Wine programs) through the menu managers under Gnome. To access this, just open the Gnome Control Center (open the main menu on the bottom left of the system bar at the bottom, and click the button labeled Control Center under the header System in the right column). Once you have that open, click the Main Menu button under the heading Look and Feel in the control center.

Once the menu manager opens, you can look through all of the applications on your system and find the ones you want to remove. To remove it, you can simply uncheck the box (which will remove it from your applications list), but this isn’t the best method because it leaves the icon under the menu manager, just doesn’t show it in the applications list. So, the better method is to right click on program and click Delete, which permanently removes the icon from both the menu manager and the application list. Now if you want to completely remove any files that may be left behind in the Wine folder from the uninstalled program, try the following:

[li]Open Nautilus File Browser
[/li][li]Open your main folder (the one that literally has your name on it)
[/li][li]Click on the View option on the top bar of Nautilus, and check the box [i]Show Hidden Files[i] (or you can simply hit Ctrl+H)
[/li][li]Find a folder by the name of .wine (with the proceeding period)
[/li][li]Open the drive_c folder
[/li][li]Open the Program Files folder
[/li][li]And then delete the folder of the program you want to completely remove

Just be careful when doing this that you don’t delete the wrong folder. If you do, just go to the trash bin and restore the folder and it will go back to its rightful place.

I hope that solves your problem! :slight_smile:

What would be the steps for someone with KDE to do this?

Go to** ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files** and delete the program folder
Can also use wine uninstaller in a console

See my sig for more wine info


Right-click the lizard and hit “Edit Menu”. You can then uncheck or delete them

I already right-click the icon and click delete, but nothing happen. I don’t like trash in menu:( So, I reinstall my open suse.

> I already right-click the icon and click delete, but nothing happen. I
> don’t like trash in menu:( So, I reinstall my open suse.

let me gently and in a friendly manner suggest that some of the
learned habits brought from a Windows[tm] background can be improved
upon…that is, the following actions are seldom the best way to
solve problems in Linux:

  1. reboot, and see if that solves the problem
  2. reinstall, and hope that solves it
  3. run a virus checker, and cross your fingers
  4. buy/upgrade to the latest version, and pray
  5. keep trying different stuff–reading documentation not allowed!
  6. post message, before any of the above–especially #5
  7. post a message, before trying google
  8. assume any answer received from #6 or #7 is good and follow it
    9 never read

there are others, i’m sure…

/( )\ natural_pilot