Deleted directory and cannot remove package

I am completely new to Linux and Suse and had been trying to get Citrix
I wanted to try the install again and was lead to believe deleting its
directory was all I needed to do to remove the current installation.
However, I think I should have used Yast to remove the package?
When I try to reinstall the package it now says the package is already
installed but I cannot remove it either as I have deleted its

Can I get round this?!
The files are not in the Waste Bin.



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Use the cli to manually install as well as using the force command;

sudo rpm -Uhv --force <name_of_rpm>

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Reinstall with the force option

if installing the .rpm from a terminal it would look like this

rpm -ihv packagename.rpm --force

if it’s from a repo to use zypper do this:

zypper in -f citrix

Once you have installed again, remove with yast if it was from a repo

or do

rpm -e packagename

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Thank you both!
Sorted and finally got Citrix working too :slight_smile:
Learning plenty too as I go along.


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