Delete grub2 and rebuild

Since the last software update my boot choices have been damaged. Now when I click on the default OpenSUSE 15.3 I get to a black screen that does not respond to any input. Not even ctl-alt-del. When I reboot and choose the recovery option it leads me a number of kernel options and one of them works. Is there a way to completetly remove the grub2 settings and start over again?

Thanks in advance.

Some folk have been seeing similar problems with the latest kernel, depending on their graphic hardware. I would guess your problem is more likely to be that than it is to be a grub2 issue.

<br><br>Yes I’m inclined to agree and wait for an update. Thank you for easing my mind.<br><br>

The latest (59.43) 15.3 kernel locks up computers as KMS engages with older ATI GPUs (Terascale architecture, mostly or only), bug 1195142.

I read through the bug report. The solution looks pretty complicated to me. Can we expect a simple kernel update to install soon, or I should I grapple with the complex solution.

Maybe a fix is in place already :


If you are able to get by (perhaps booting an older kernel), then I would suggest waiting for a kernel update to fix this.

The fixed kernel is on the mirrors waiting for you to install it.

Yes indeed the last zypper up has fixed the problem. Thank you.