Default packages?

When come to the last step of the installation guide of LEAP 42.1 before copying the files to disk, I click to change the pakages. When I checked a packages group from left side of window, some packages in the right side of the window are selected automatically and some arn’t, so are the selected items are the items that are the recommend packages from that group? How to know the recommend packages after installing SUSE?

It’s not clear what you are looking for here.

Yes, when you click a group (probably a pattern), that selects the recommends for the pattern, and in turn those might select required dependencies.

On your installed system, you can bring up Yast Software Manager, and select the “Patterns” view. Then you can see about the same as you saw during the install – except more, because now the online repos are available.

You can also select the “package groups” view, and then there’s an entry for recommended software. You can see if there is something else recommended that is not yet installed.

Yes, I try “patterns” and “group” view. Right click on the Multimedia pattern where the default package amarok is unchecked, and select “update unconditionally” or “update”, but the default package amarok is keeping unchecked. I remember the Amarok player is selected during the installation of LEAP.

You are probably doing it wrongly.

As I understand it, a pattern is just a package containing a small text file. So when you unconditionally update that package, you just update that text file.

However, if you have chosen the “Patterns” view in Yast Software Manager, then there should be a line showing “Plasma 5 Desktop” (or similar). If you right click and update unconditionally, that only updates the text file. But if you check the box on the left of that line, it should bring in all of the software recommended in that pattern, including Amarok.

In any case,
If you’re interested in removing packages that you simply wait until after the system is fully installed, then you can login, open the Software Manager and remove.

I have found that in general there is no benefit to removing packages <during> the installation process, I’ve observed in all my tests that the packages I “removed” were installed during the initial install, then removed. It’s not like the apps weren’t installed at all.