Default font now showing some characters in Discord

I’ve just installed OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 on my laptop, and everything is working very nicely. The only problem I have is that the default font for Leap 15.1 does not include all UTF-8 characters (I presume it is UTF-8 encoded) that Discord uses. Which font should I install that includes the same characters as the default font on Windows 10 Pro does?

What command would I use to install the font?

Thank you for your help.

Is that in the CLI? When not, please explain which desktop you use.

In both cases explain in which program/application.

Discord is the name of the application.

and I’m using KDE.

You’ll have to be specific, Discordapp can be installed as its own application or it can be run in a web browser.
If in a web browser, you’ll then have to be specific which browser (and version, or that it’s on a fully updated system so we can know the browser also is latest, current).


Discord is running as an Electron app on OpenSUSE and not in the browser. Having said that I have just tested it out in Firefox and the symbols are showing correctly there, so it appears to be a problem with the Discord app itself which is weird.

I’m using Firefox 68.4.1esr.