Debian to Leap!

I recently installed Leap 15 on my main laptop at home and I’m really impressed. I had a little trouble getting a Brother printer to work but aside from that the installation went very smoothly. For the last 15 years I had been using debian. Out of curiosity I wanted to check out opensuse–SuSE 7.3 was my very first linux distro way back in 2001. For reasons I can’t remember now I switched to debian in 2003, mostly using the testing or unstable versions.

i’m happy to be back. Opensuse has the most polished version of kde that I’ve ever encountered. I especially appreciate the integration with Firefox, which provides kde save dialogs. So, thank you, opensuse developers! You’ve made my working life a bit nicer.

Welcome back to openSUSE.

Thanks! I’m also enjoying the one-click install feature. It was effortless to set up multimedia playback in firefox, which was something that gave me trouble in debian. Opensuse deserves to be more popular.

We keep trying to tell everyone!

Hi, Welcome Back and Welcome to the Forums.

Happy openSUSE-ing.

I’m just returning as well, myself. Being a blind user, I find the community around here particularly attentive to the needs of folks using screen readers and other assistive tech; more so than are some others. I tried debian and believe it or not, didn’t like it; also disliked Ubuntu. I find OpenSUSE to also be the best version of Linux for those who also love Windows; looks similar, and functions similarly from a user standpoint. I need to get it to become popular as well among my friends; they’re all creatures of Debian and Ubuntu habit.

Welcome to the forums, pleased to have you here.

Welcome and I agree: Leap 15 has the most polished version of KDE. I used Suse back in the 90’s and have not since for whatever reason. I tended to gravitate towards Unix or distros that were very hands on (Gentoo, Crux) but in my old age, I just want my desktop to work and OpenSuse Leap does just that.