Dbeaver ce mysqldump

I am new Opensue , left ubuntu due many issues and i have opensuse leap installed . I am trying to use dbeaver to backup my remote mysql database and to do this I need to enter the path to my local mysqldump.
path to the file is /usr/bin/
however when i select this path a strange path that starts with /run/user/1000/doc/9a99e52f/bin gets added and i guess due to this path dbeaver can not find mysqldump … any suggestion as how to fix this issue ?


Hello and welcome to the openSUSE forums.

Where do you try to enter this?

dbeaver is not available for openSUSE in any official repository.

So you may start describing where you got this package from, how you installed it…
Also show relevant terminal output so that maybe someone can help you…

installed dbeaver from Discover ?? its opensuse app centre .

dbeaver Dump dialog . local client > brows > and in file manager i select the path /usr/bin/ .

Discover is not an openSUSE app center. It is the package tool from KDE Plasma and not related to openSUSE. Disvover installs software also from unofficial external sources. As dbeaver is not available in any official openSUSE repository you need to elaborate some more…

The official openSUSE tool to install software is “YaST software”.

Used Discover to install and is marked Flatpak.
Dbeaver works . I can connect to remote server and access db. however , in order to backup db ( dump ) i need to point dbeaver to local Client for mysqldump … however doing so , path mentioned in my first post gets added to the dbeaver dialog .

I decided to remove dbeaver and reinstall it by downloading official rpm and installing using Yast installer . now i can use correct path to mysqldump however i have new issue. i get following error during dump.
Plugin caching_Sha2_password could not be loaded : /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/caching_sha2_password.so: no such file or directory .
tried many search on the net regarding this issue but was not able to find something that work for me .