Day Trading Software?

Hello all

I am wondering if there are any good day trading or stock charting software available for SUSE users.

I am switching from windows but still using vmware to run my charting program.

Thanks for any help

Looks like some that will work here: day trading software - Google Search
stock charting software - Google Search

Good luck:)

More information on suitable Linux software for stock market traders - long or medium or day, would help many decide on move from Microsoft to Linux.

Self have made the move, but still looking for software to work.

Appreciate comments about installing and using Windows simulator to keep running windows software…

Is there a Linux Traders group for such discussion ?



Any Linux Charting software ?

> Any Linux Charting software ?

What might you need that is not already available on the net, through most any
online broker where you might have an account.

Or even free. Like, type quote novl into any Google search blank and
get instant links to Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, AOL Finance,
CNN Money, Reuter

Incredible Charts is for technical analysis and trading strategies for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and ASX stocks and indexes

Incredible Charts: Home Page

Following Incredible Charts discussions, some suggest for to long if charting is making more sense :wink:

Looking for charts so play at drawing lines with :wink: so is anyone is running Incredible or a Linux similar ?

Incredible Charts Pro - Free charting software

*  Operating system: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista.
* Incredible Charts will only work on a Mac if you run Virtual PC
  — or Windows with VMware Fusion in the latest versions.
* Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
* Memory: 32 Mb of RAM.


> Incredible Charts

“Open source as Alternative” <> has lists of replacement
software, but noting listed for “Incredible Charts” or anything similar…so, it
looks like you can TRY to make it run in WINE or in a VMware/VBox machine
running windoz under SUSE…

On the other hand, the smart money is sitting in cash/gold/bonds right now and
may for some time. You probably have enough time to learn how to program and
write a native Linux clone of “Incredible Charts”.

On the third hand: I looked at the pdf “Quick Tour” and find that their product
is a long way from “incredible” and does not come CLOSE to being as incredible
as that offered by my online broker for free, real time updated, etc etc etc…

My broker: TD Ameritrade <>. I am in no way
associated with that firm other than being a happy (and enriched) customer.
However, if you become a client after I’ve recommended you, I will receive five
free trades (worth $49.95)–so, let me send them your email address.

Yes brokers improving accessories like charting

eg Commonwealth Securities

The ongoing chicken and egg issue… until Linux wider usage, they will remain more Microsoft friendly :frowning:

Easy enough to switch for my simple mind :wink: so now is more the ability to do same/equivalent to Microsoft thingies without needing to learn much.

May change to Novell business oriented Linux from openSUSE for Plug and Play reason.

pol pak wrote:
> eg Commonwealth Securities

Seeing the .au, I say Oh!

Yes, the broker I mentioned (who has a Linux friendly Java Applet and very
functional charting via web browser) won’t be helpful on the Europa exchanges.

But, hold on because eventually you and I will be able to make/lose 24/7 all
around the world! And, I’ll just bet that a nice broker in China WILL offer
non-Microsoft avenues, yipee!

You may find a good Day trading software by searching on google and many replies here are good too. I am also looking for a good software for same purpose. :expressionless: