DATA RECOVERY - which software to use?

Hi. I’ve been looking for a good/great data recovery software lately. It should be able to:

-recover partitions
-all file formats
-different formated drives (ntfs, reiser fs, ext2fs, ext3fs…)
-and all other things expected from a good data recovery software.

Of course this software should work seamlessly on a OpenSuse machine. Anything like that around? Would be glad to hear some recommendations…


This is the best i know of TestDisk - CGSecurity followed by Ultimate Boot CD - Overview for lots of tools :slight_smile:


Thanks - I’ll give it a shot.



Before you give testdisk a shot do the following:

  1. Read the manual.
  2. Read the manual.
  3. Read the manual.
  4. Make a copy of the destroyed disk by using the dd command.
  5. Work only on the copy.

To make a copy of the destroyed disk you need another disk. Prefered is disk with the same parameters (heads, disks …). At least it have to be as large as the disk you copy. Connect both disk to the same computer and type:

dd if=/dev/sdx of=/dev/sdy

“if” means input file and “of” means output file. Be careful that you don’t mix them up or you copy the empty disk to the destroyed one and you have lost. So replace sdx with the device name of the destroyed disk and sdy with the device name of the empty disk. After you hit enter go for a walk, have a meal or anything else to pass the time your computer needs to execute the command. :wink:

Why should you make a copy before? Well, testdisk is a very helpful but also dangerous tool. You do something wrong and you have destroyed the data. Doing so on the original disk and you have lost.




Thanks for your warning. I successfully used TestDisc and I got to admit: It’s the best recovery tool I’ve used so far (and I’ve tested many of them)… Reps raised for both of you.


I have used Stellar Phoenix Linux data recovery software to recover my lost ext3 file.This software supports Ext2, Ext3 & Reiser file system.This Linux recovery software demo version will show you the preview of your recoverable data.It has GUI(Graphical User Interface)which makes it easy to use.

If Testdisc would only have a GUI… :wink:
Well, let me ask you this: Let’s pretend I’d have a USB-Flash drive, where all data was erased through a linux system. Would test disc be able to recover the files?

Can’t you just try it?

You like to mess around a little, do ya?
Personally I like working with a GUI on sensitive topics like this one. Due to the fact that TestDisc is held up by many, I stick with it.

You like to mess around a little, do ya?

You guessed it!:wink:

Hi, even though it is an old thread. I am still willing to share with you my recent experience about recovering issue.

I lose most of my data while I connected my phone with the PC as it auto went to restore mode.

I was shocked and felt helpless. Then later I calmed down and try every mean to search some program for recovery.

Then I found one iTunes Backup Extractor. Thank God I backup my phone every week.

I download it and try the trial version and it seemed to work well.

Then I purchased the full version later and luckily I get 90% of my files back:)

So if you encounter the similar problem you can try the same program.

Hope that would help!:wink: