Data gone on an encrypted partition after only mounting on installation?

I’ve been installing the OS, thinking that while I’m at it I’ll (only)mount the encrypted hdd on /run/media/data, but oh boy, after login I’m presented with an empty drive at the mounted location… did I really lost all of that data by mounting the hdd xfs encrypted partition?

It’s not clear what you did there.

It could be something like:

# mount /dev/sdb1 /run/media/data

or it could instead be something like:

# cryptesetup luksOpen /dev/sdb1 funky_name
# mount /dev/mapper/funky_name /run/media/data

Or maybe you just clicked on a folder in a file manager, in which case it should have prompted for the encryption key and then done something similar to the second of those.

During the GUI installation I selected the encrypted hard drive(and yes, before that the installation process asked for password to unlock the encrypted hard disk), clicked on Edit… and just checked the mounting option and put a mounting path(/run/media/data) and after the end of the installation and reboot, at startup it always asket for the password to uncrypt the hard drive, which was the same as always but at clicking at the mounted hard disk id does show as mounted on /run/media/data and mounted from /dev/mapper/cr-auto-1 but inside is totally empty, 0% used…
:frowning: so I didn’t even mess with the terminal in all this and I don’t know where my data has gone, is there a way or a tool to look deeper at the hard disk for this kind of issue?

If it shows as 0% used, maybe you accidentally checked the “Format device” box, and reformatted it.

You can treat “/dev/mapper/cr-auto-1” as any device, and use any available tools to look at what’s there. But I’m not optimistic on your chances of recovering the lost data.

Oh man that’s painful to read. I always mirror my drive before installing an OS if there’s data I don’t want to lose. If it goes south, mirror back, and try again.