Cyrillic keyboard layout corrupts shortcut keys

Whey I switch to cyrillic (Bulgarian) I can’t use shortcut keys like CTRL+Z etc. I need to switch back to US and then back to BG, otherwise the hotkey simply doesn’t work.

Any idea how to overcome this travail?

(using KDE and I see IBus in the tray)

Check whether Z is available through Alt or Shift-ALt. On some layouts that do not include ASCII characters in the main keyboard layout, they are still available through Alt or Shift-Alt.

Checked Alt+Z, Alt+Shift+Z, Alt+Ctrl+Z - no luck.

I’m on win7 and ctrl+з works the same as ctrl+z.
I haven’t tried it on opensuse, it could be one of those kde/qt keyboard issues linked to missing xlib functions, kind of like the unicode one that X is supposed to provide but does not.

At the moment I don’t have any gtk2 or gtk3 DE’s installed so can’t test it there but it probobly works with lxde/mate/cinnamon/gnome.

Same on my Win7, but the question is about Linux and KDE. This bug report seems quite old and it says Unicode input is impossible. Not sure how it might be related?

Have checked the KDE Bulgarian keyboard layout and, as you say, none of the Alt keyboard options are used. It might be worth putting in a bug request to KDE asking them to add the US keyboard layout to the Alt options.

Is there any particular site for KDE bugs?

did some more tests on opensuse 13.2 x64 kde 4.14.9
цтрл+з works for me
I tested it in libreoffice writer a non kde app, in firefox a gtk2 app, and in kate using a cyrilic keyboard layout the shortcut ctrl+з works, it even works here in this comment box.
How did you setup the keyboard layout what DE are you using, I haven’t installed kde5 can’t say if it works there.
about kde bugs they do have a bugzulla

ps I didn’t use the bulgarian layout, could be something bg related, I tested 2 different cyr layouts no problems for me.

tested with Bulgarian layout
enabled bg layout, wrote some gibberish here, deleted it, pressed цтрл+з did an undo, цтрл+щ (ctrl+y or redo) worked too.

Testing here the same:

Going to Configure Desktop > Help > About KDE says:

Platform Version 4.14.9

The way I set up layouts is through Configure Desktop > Keyboard > Layouts settings
Switching Policy = Window
Using Bulgarian (traditional phonetic) and English (US)

In which applications цтрл+з works:

Chrome (as I am typing this) - yes
Firefox (tested in address bar) - yes
LibreOffice Writer - yes
AbiWord - yes

kwrite - no
phpStorm - no
NetBeans - no

Uninstall ibus if you don’t need it.
It’s probably causing your problem.

But how am I going to switch layouts then?

With KDE’s keyboard layout switcher.
Just enable the corresponding option in KDE’s keyboard settings. It should be enabled by default if you configure more than one layout though.


Thanks you wolfi! (again) :slight_smile: