customizations difficulties with kde4

Hi !

I have installed opensuse 11.1 with kde4 and I am so amazed by the improvements since 4.0 that I have decided to switch from 3.5 to 4.

But I still have a few problems :

I have my task manager in a second board at the top of the screen. So at the bottom, there is nothing between icons on the left and the clock and the icons box at the left. But I don’t know how to lock these two last plasmoids at the left : they are centered randomly at the bottom of the screen.

(I am not good at speaking English so I hope that the last sentence is understandable :shame:)

Moreover, even kde4 icons have transparencies problems while shown in the icons box.


There is a spacer plasmoid that you can put inbetween those icons. Yet I am not sure whether it is included in 11.1

Hi, right click on your bottom panel and go to “Panel Settings”.

An extra bar will appear above you panel.

Now just drag the icons to the suitable location.

The transparency issue of icons in notification area is a known bug. Hopefully it’ll be rectified in KDE 4.2.

Thank you .

I’ll search for the spacer because once I have dragged the icons where I wanted it to go, it comes back in place as soon as I release my finger on the mouse