Current Python state

Hi, my first post and im sorry if something is wrong.
Im Arch Linux user but dabbled in openSUSE and Tumbleweed a bit and decided to change my environment.
My question is: hows python updates with openSUSE Leap in particular ( not looking for rolling release as i want my workstation to act as a server for Django as well )
Im jumping to python / django ocean of wonders so pip, venv, matlabs, streamlit, pandas , qtile, alacritty , cuda and nvidia, conky are mandatory for me and before i jump the ship - i would like to know the situation as ive seen some topics where users where questioning python version which was EOL still being shipped with openSUSE.
Thank You.

From an clean install of Leap 15.5 that has been updated.

>>python3 --version                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Python 3.6.15

Thank You for bad news :frowning:

It is not entirely correct. The Python 3.6 will remain the system python, but for Leap also Pythons 3.10 and 3.11 are available. They will not replace system version but can be installed and used in parallel with it. Those are the base interpreter; not all additional modules are also built and provided for these versions.

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No its not but if i understand correctly - if i need never version and its not in the repos - i wont be able to use it.Right ?

You can always build and install from the sources if you need a newer version - but I don’t see why at this stage you’d need say 3.12, which is currently considered “prerelease”:

I would recommend pyenv if you need a wide variety or bleeding-edge versions of python.

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Yes, using pyenv seems exactly what you need, in the opening post I read already “so pip, venv, matlabs, streamlit, pandas…” so that should be known territory.

I do use venv.
We will see as i just installed Tumbleweed instead of Leap just for testing purpose.

Look at anaconda,, which is a user owned and operated python app. You can use any python version within anaconda as you wish up to their latest which is 3.11 afaik. Install and run as a user. You can setup separate environments within anaconda. You can also run a different python in each environment if you wish. Does nothing to system settings. You can delete simply by just deleting the anadonda directory in /home.

Ive tried Anaconda/Spyder in the past - did not liked. Im using Tumbleweed so i think im good with Python for now but lets see how stable it is under my " once in a blue moon update" scenarios :slight_smile:
But im planing to put Leap on laptop now to test waters and see if i can put it on my Workstation.