CUPS test page

How do you print a CUPS test page from the command line? For the last few days, it’s been taking over ten minutes to print a PDF from the lpr command. The printer will stop and go. Tried turning off the printer for a few minutes and restarting cups, but it’s still stalling. Using oS 11.4 on a file server.


lpr /usr/share/cups/data/testprint

Are you printing to a local or remote printer? What model? (This may depend on the size of the PDF and the printer language involved).

Read the posts by gsocker (post #10 and #12) in the following thread:

[ubuntu] PDF’s Very Slow to Print - Ubuntu Forums](

You may find decreasing the printing DPI, and increasing the RIPCache value in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf is helpful too. (Make sure you set a size appropriate to your system RAM size though.)

Printing - openSUSE

Damm, it’s been an hour. Canceling the job, but the printer isn’t responsive to that, either.

I have a Deskjet 3550 (USB) on my server. The PDFs are one page, plain text. I’ve printed many in this format in the past.

Thing is, this only started a few days ago. I haven’t touched the configuration in that time, and it’s set for draft grayscale. There’s something wrong with the communication. Checked the connections, those look okay. I’ll try the RIPCache

It’s about time to upgrade. We’ll see if this makes any headway.