CUPS asking for my password(not root)

I Set up my HP MFP-M28-M30 printer using the HP setup tool.
Every time I try to do anything a popup for CUPS requires my password.

This has not happened for me in Leaps 42 through Leap 1.53.
Nor did it happen when I had the printer on Leap 1.54 on a Legacy install on a different PC.

Is it possible to change a setting to stop the password pop up?

Can you share a screen shot of the pop-up window you get? Open Spectable, make a screen shot and drag it to your edit window on this forum.

It might help to see where the message is coming from.


In ‘/etc/cups/cups-files.conf’ at the line containing “SystemGroup” add a new group – for example “printadmin”.

  • Create this new group with an appropriate GID and, add yourself to this new group.

Administrator user group, used to match @SYSTEM in cupsd.conf policy rules…

This cannot contain the Group value for security reasons…

SystemGroup root

Could I change that to Users? There is already a ‘Users Group’?

I opened the printer section in YaST(as root), and changed the ‘operation policy’ to ‘allowallforanybody’ hoping it doesn’t mess the printer up for WiFi users.

I didn’t get the CUPS popup as before.