Crypttab not found!...

Installed Leap 15.2 on a new machine using XFS / LVM with 4HD’s, 3 were already encrypted from another machine using RHEL8 XFS.

openSUSE does not handle auto mounting encrypted disk anymore? I’ve done this before, so I’m using the current build is the problem. I’m using gnome-disk-util (Disks) in trying to get this to work, but I keep the messaging about the “crypttab” not found. How is this done now in Leap?

Sure it does.

You have not told us much, so I’m not sure what your problem is.

In my install experience, on a system with existing encryption, the installer asks me to provide the encryption for each encrypted partition. And then it creates “/etc/crypttab” with the entries that I provide.

If you do not need access to the encrypted partitions for the install, you can create “/etc/crypttab” yourself later.

man crypttab

should give you the format.

After reading my post I didn’t realize I was not very descriptive, I was thinking more than I was writing. One of the four disk is my main boot hd, the other three I want to auto mount, so I normally do is by modify the encryption password to auto supply it so I don’t have to manually mount it myself. These hd’s have all my VM’s for QEMU/KVM Storage locations.

Okay, I’ll take a look at the man page.