Cross compiler for arm32 missing header files


I’m trying to set up a cross build environment for armhf (32-bit armv7l) on a Tumbleweed x64 host. Note that setting up the cross compiler for aarch64 on Tumbleweed was straight forward. But for arm32 a lot of header files seem to be missing. One of the packages I’m trying to build is libmodbus.

These packages are installed: cross-arm-gcc14, cross-arm-binutils, cross-arm-linux-glibc-devel.

Already basic things like errno.h and stdlib.h are missing. If I include the include path of arm-none (/usr/arm-none-eabi/include/, don’t know if these are compatible), a bit more is found, but arpa/inet.h, sys/ioctl.h, sys/socket.h, sys/termios.h and some declarations (e.g. nanosleep) are still not found.

The C++ compiler is furthermore missing bits/c++config.h.

Am I doing something wrong or are the cross-arm packages incomplete?

Yes, the cross-arm-glibc-devel is missing. You only have kernel related headers.

Ok. Since this seems to be on purpose there’s probably little hope for this to change. In my desperation I installed Ubuntu in a virtual machine, which provides everything I need.

I could try to copy the headers from somewhere else for the same glibc version. If anybody succeeded in doing something like that I’d be grateful for a hint.

I suspect it’s more - it needs someone to actively maintain this package.