Creating desktop shortcuts: KDE 4.04 v. 4.x

I cannot find an easy way to create a shortcut of a user-installed script file on the KDE 4.04 desktop in SuSE 11.0. The following steps seem to work. Is there a simpler way in SuSE 11.1 with the updated KDE desktop?

(1) open Dolphin filemanager
(2) navigate to and open Desktop icon
(3) right click in open area
(4) hover cursor over “create new” to open options
(5) select “link to application”
(6) a properties page will appear - select Application tab
(7) Browse for the command (ie the file you wish to link to)
(8) do same with Work path option
(9) in General tab change icon to heart’s desire
(10) Although permissions refer to root, ignore, save, and the working icon should appear on the desktop.



in KDE 4.2.4 here, if folderview is set to “show the desktop folder” (as in, act like standard desktop similar to KDE3), just right-click -> create new -> link to application