Create a FreeDOS USB bootable stick

I want to create a USB bootable stick with FreeDOS. Easy, is not it?
I plug my small (2GB) stick, start Unetbootin, USB drive is selected (checked with dmesg), I select FreeDOS 1.0, click OK.
Few seconds waiting, unmount and test in another computer.
I get the message “This is not a bootable disk. …”

GParted see the stick as bootable.
I tried with 2 computers and 2 sticks.
What I am doing wrong?

Thank you

DOS would use MBR booting which require MBR boot code as the first sectors of the drive. Also the FAT formatted partition to boot to would require a boot flag and a couple of files (IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS (Kernel)) Note the SYS files are generally hidden and live as first files on the partition. Though not sure that is still a requirement.

Don’t know Unetbootin but the above is minimal requirements for a DOS boot

I haven’t tried to boot it but SUSE ImageWriter will write the FreeDOS USB img file to a USB.

Many thanks you both,
I got it with Imagewtiter, I took the opportunity to create a new item in the menu as it was only a command to start it…

Looks like Unetbootin is not straightforward to do that.