Couple of Amarok Questions | OpenSUSE 11.2

Hello all.

Well, since it seems I simply cannot make Banshee work in 11.2 with KDE, I am stuck with Amarok. Now, Amarok confuses the heck out of me so I hope I get used to it. Here are my questions:

  1. Is there an EQ plugin or a way to add an EQ?

  2. How do I add a radio station to Amarok? In Banshee, I would just go to the Radio section and click Add Station, add my station and then it would show in a list, ready for my to click and play. How do I accomplish this or something similar in Amarok? I listen to internet radio a LOT.

Thanks in advance, everyone. Have a great day, y’all! :slight_smile:

No EQ with the latest Amarok. Don’t remember if they intended on putting it back in there or not.

To add a radio stream just click playlist then Add Stream…
Enter the URL and you should be good to go!

For access to it later, just save the playlist. At the top left of the context browser, where you probably have local collection selected, there’s a little folder. Click it then choose playlists then saved playlists and your radio station will be right there.

As for banshee, I have it working perfectly in 11.2. What kind of problems did you have with it?

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That sucks on the EQ. Far as the radio stations, I did as you say and I suppose that will work.

Far as the issues I had with Bansee:
Banshee | KDE OpenSuse 11.2 - Cannot add radio stations - openSUSE Forums

Thank you for the reply!