Countdown timer

I have been looking for a timer that would count up or down and then sound an alarm.

One place I came is here.

Countdown timer for Linux?

The poster is looking for pretty much the same thing as I am looking for.

He does get one answer that is specific for his desired application being the command line that counts down and then plays a sound file.

He did not include any details other that timer, so he got a recommendation for a timer program that counts down and then starts another program.

I have that one too. :slight_smile:

I found Alarm Clock and it’s asking for a sound file to point to.

Some programs include a default sound file while allowing you to pick another as well.


So you could do everything you ask in several languages and might even find one already written if you look. I use the program called “/usr/bin/play” to play sounds, like a wav file for instance like this one that comes with alsa “/usr/share/sounds/alsa/test.wav”. The terminal command “sleep integer” defaults to seconds and is easy to use in a bash script, but you can append m for minutes, h for hours and d for days. You can check the actual date and time in a bash script as well and do something when the time matches what you are looking for.

For writing bash scripts, I can start you off with this one you can find here:

N.S.F. - New Script File, Bash Script File Header Creator - Version 2.6 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

You can find many sounds online when you look around and some also included with Windows if you have it. KDE has some default sounds you can borrow if you wish.

Thank You,

I am interested in your nsf.

If I save your script “New Script File Creator” using the Terminal Super User, can I skip some of the steps that are on the webpage ?

I made a short script file that deletes those virus like .ashx files, but I would it to run with each boot up.

Like said before: a script is no solution, find out why these .ashx files remain on your system.

I will post on a Firefox forum to find out the source of those files.

I will find some other forums to post as well where “selective answering” is less prevalent.