Couldn't log into this site today - had to create a new account

Today I couldn’t log in. Wasted too much time and ended up starting a new account which did work but purpose of this post is to find out why I have the problem and how to fix.
When I log in to my correct account I can fill in the username and password but then I am returned to the same login again. No errors flagged and I do not have any additional code set up so cannot enter any one time code.
If I can I would be happy to have 2 step authentification on my phone but do not recall being given the opportunity.
Please could somebody help.

You mean with “this site” the openSUSE Forums?

When yes, then why isn’t this in the Forums Feedback section (and I can move it for you if you are here by mistake)?

When no, then please explain if you are logging in in the openSUSE GUI, or CLI, or what ever.

Hi Henk,
Yes I am on the openSUSE forums website.
What is the Dorums Feedback section. Never used it before. I understand that I am not on the correct section and have no objection to moving my post to the correct section but
I am not here by mistake, I had to create a new account log in to get here and had nowhere else to go.
I have been trying to log in as usual to
Today when I went to the forum and selected the login button I was presented with a slightly different loging page. This did not work automatically with KeePassXC password manager so I just entered the details manually.
There was a new box on the login page which offered a slot for a token? if I had one, which I do not but selecting enter returned me to the login again. No errors flagged but no access either.
I have no idea how I might login using cli. I am using my Firefox browse ESR 102.12.0esr.
What am I doing wrong please?

First: I moved this from Install/Boot/Login to Forums Feedback.

Then: I appologize for typing Dorums Feedback instead of Forums Feedback.

The fact that you have some discouraging experience does not change the world so much that the category you put your thread/topic in does not matter anymore.
It is still so that there is a much better change you find people that can help with your forums login problem in the Forums Feedback category then in the openSUSE technical help category that is dedicated to problems with the Installation of, the booting of and the login in openSUSE.

Yes I understand. Will try again. Thanks.

What will you try again?

This topic is now moved to the correct category (as I said above).

Going back to your original question.

I have logged in to day several times, but did not notice any difference with earlier this week (or month, or longer).

I hope that people who know more about the internals of the forum and the login procedure will join here (after all we are now in the correct category :wink: ), but in the meantime it could of course be useful to provide at least the information what the username is that does not work. And also the information when the last time that username could login successful.

I use Firefox and Konqueror browsers and I have had similar intermittent problems logging into OpenSuse Forums. When opening the browser to log-in it asks for my browser master password. It seems my log-in to the forum is rejected if I don’t enter the browser password.

Hi Henk & RG,
I have been able to log in now by using manual entry.

The auto fill from my KeePassXC password manager does insert a pw but as it is hidden I cannot be sure what is entered.

Unhiding in KeePassXC and copy and pasting works most times but the whole process experience has changed.

It seems that security issues in general are resulting in changes all round and that is likely cause of my problem.
Thanks again.
Budgie2 or, today, Budgie3 earlier.

Hi BudgieX, I also use KeePasXC (which I find great) but in my case I get asked by Firefox for the “Primary Password” or by Konqueror by the OpenPGP key. In either case I can’t log-in to this forum if I don’t enter the password. As you said must be buried in changes to security system(s). Regards

No web login system interfaces with any of your password managers or browser login detail insertion helpers.

To investigate whether there are issues with logging in to a particular website, try to manually log in by entering (or pasting) the username/email address and passphrase into the respective boxes after resetting the passphrase.

For openSUSE websites, one can reset their account passphrase using:

Assuming you mean the login form provided by after using the Login button in this forum: This box can be left empty, we do not have any multi-factor authentication options, albeit the login form suggesting it by offering an OTP input box.

Seems like I am having similar issues with my account.
I had to create a new account to post here.

I am unable to login to any service (OBS, Forums etc ) even after resetting the password using Password Settings

Who can I communicate with to restore my original account?


@eugene.san See the Forum FAQ’s, we (Forum Staff) have no control over the login system, you need to send and email to admin{at}opensuse{dot}org to create a progress ticket.