Cost of SUSE

HI, I’m wanting to try SUSE again. Last time I used Linux was years ago and it was SUSE and cost little or free(i cant remember)

Why does the Box With SUSE 11.2 cost so much ? I guess its the phone support ?

I have a Sempron 3200+ PC . I wish to dual Boot.
Could someone recommend a site/link where I can order SUSE DVD at the least cost. Im in Australia if that makes a diff which i doubt :slight_smile:

There seems to be different versions of SUSE which i am finding confusing. I dont want a Live CD. Thanks for any help.


Are we to understand you are not in a position to download it?

yep, sorry i cannot download it. I am using a GPRS modem in Australia and I think we have the most expensive rates in the entire world.

Maybe one of my Aussie colleagues will take pity on you and post you a copy:)

Installation support, manual and packaging.

Could someone recommend a site/link where I can order SUSE DVD at the least cost. Im in Australia if that makes a diff which i doubt :slight_smile:

There seems to be different versions of SUSE which i am finding confusing. I dont want a Live CD. Thanks for any help.

A couple of suppliers, from a search are:

Linux® System Labs Australia
Home Page - (Australia)

Nothing wrong with the LiveCD, it’s also an install CD, but if your Internet access is expensive and you are going to pay postage, you might as well buy a DVD.

If you want I can mail you a couple of DVDs; I’ll shout you the DVDs and postage. Or you can collect if you are in the same city and in a hurry.

Do you not have broadband where you live? How come you are using GPRS for Internet access? That has to be the most expensive way.

Im using GPRS as Im inbetween homes and jobs… kinda on the move.
Thanks for your offer, Id take you up on it except on of the links you provided me ELX will supply SUSE for $5.50 and includes the postage. Thanks again for the kind offer.


I think that’s 11.1, not 11.2, but that’s still ok, it’s got a fair amount of support lifetime left. If you still want 11.2 from me, just ask.

Why not sign up for wireless broadband with Unwired? Buy a used modem from eBay, pay $20/month for 5GB quota (1GB of that in peak period though), no contract, no excess charges, and Robert’s your uncle. You’d have to be in one of the supported cities though.

With both 11.1 and 11.2 you will be looking at a large download from Novell/SuSE-GmbH to update the software with the latest security and bug fixes.

For example, openSUSE-11.2 has a massive update from the somewhat buggy KDE-4.3.1 to the much more stable KDE-4.3.5. This is in the order of 300MBytes or so of an update. If one instead chooses Gnome, to minimize the download update, there may still be KDE4 libraries in Gnome (as part of some KDE applications the user may have elected to run under Gnome) and hence there will still be a massive update.

In addition to get reasonable multimedia behaviour, one will want to download and install a lot of applications packaged by the Packman Packagers. Hence one is looking at a 150 to 250 MByte download here as well.

In both case, if this Sempron 3200+ is a laptop, then I recommend you go to an Internet Cafe and do the necessary downloads. Plan on spending a couple of hours at the Cafe (more or less dependent on the Internet Cafe download speed).

Hence I recommend that

You can download this to a memory stick. It will NOT be perfectly up to date (as there are Packman updates practically every week) but it will get you started in the multimedia, and

  • plan to plug your PC (if a laptop) into an internet outlet at the Cafe and simply apply the MASSIVE update for Gnome and/or KDE. Try to do this reasonably soon after your initial openSUSE-11.1 or 11.2 install. If not a laptop, then you will have a problem here, as carting a PC to an Internet cafe is not a great option

Note dependent on your hardware, you may or may not have to download some drivers packaged in rpms. What graphic hardware do you have in this Sempron 3200+ ?

one of the moderators on this site has a REALLY helpful set of how-to
pages which we here send folks to all the time…they are REALLY

while on that page see if you can find “How you can help” which is a
link to where you will discover several great ways to help him pay his
high bandwidth costs…including install disks…

just so, no one thinks i’m being too commmercial: there are about a
million other places to buy home burned disks, see:

and, i note i’m not recommending one source over any other…nor am i
likely to have any monetary (or other) gain no matter which you pick
or how many you purchase…

btw: the retail box offered on price includes 90 day
phone/email support and a printed manual, which you do not expect from
any of the the folks offering just disks, for a lot less…


Ken, if I can still take you up on the offer of sending me the latest SuSE 11.2, I,d love to get that.

My Address is–

577 Ipswich RD

I hjave another qustion, Ill use a new post.

Mike Lynch.

Will SUSE have the drivers for my GPRS modem ?

Or will I have to search for the drivers. Its a Crazy Jhons modem. Costs me $49 for 3.5 gig a month.

I think Ill look about for a better provider,:shame:

GPRS or 3G? Is it one of those USB dongles? It depends on the exact hardware. When you have Linux installed, do:

lsusb -v

and post the results.

No worries, I’ll send them.

And unfortunately Unwired is not available in QLD.

Yep Ken , its one of those dongles. I know i SHOULD HAVE USED A DIFFERENT PROVIDER ITS JUST THAT THE ACTUAL DONGLE MODEM WAS SO CHEAP that i got sucked into their plan.

Im actually a stockman, been having a few months off on unemployment benefit. I intend to soon go back mup north and start work on whatever cattle station I run into.

Its pretty funny when Im working amongst cattlemen and they see me at nights on my PC, they think im somekind of super intelligent guy, they just dont know how to turn a computer on :slight_smile:

If this is the dongle in question, you might be in luck, somebody got it to work under Ubuntu, so in principle it should work under openSUSE with the right driver and scripts. The trick apparently is to make the OS see the modem part of the dongle instead of the flash memory part. Come back when you have openSUSE running and start a new thread in the Wireless forum.

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Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean unsupported in Linux, but one does have to do a hardware compatibility check before buying. Cheap and plentiful might actually increase the chance of some Linux coder working on a driver.

Thanks. Ill be back after Ive installed SUSE

Ive got 3 hard drives. Instead of dual booting I guess I could just gointo bios and set whichever drive I want to boot ?

Probably easier to dual boot ?

Multi boot is made for that. Let GRUB do the job for you.

Just dispatched it. You should get it in a couple of days. I’ve sent you the DVDs and the KDE LiveCDs. The LiveCDs are useful for checking if most of your hardware will work with 11.2, even if you actually install with the DVD.

Give us a yell on the forum if you need any help setting up. We’re a friendly mob here as you can see.

PS: Wow, this has to be a coincidence of sorts. This same morning I handed over an OpenOffice DVD to a friend at a train platform while passing through. I’m turning into an open software pusher. I think I’m now ready for the international scene, and for the fast boats and glamourous babes. Or was that glamourous boats and fast babes, I forget. Have to go back and check my International Secret Agent for Dummies. rotfl!

I had a copy of SUSE given to me and troday Iinstalled it. It took I dont know 40 min or so to install. Then I started using it.
I took out the CD and rebooted my PC and it went straight to windows.

Then I checdk the disk space used on my HD and it had not used any HD space. I dont get how it could go through the whole install procedure and work and then not be installed to dual boot ?