Corrupt Tumbleweed snapshot...possibly.

I think the latest snapshot release of openSUSE Tumbleweed is corrupt.

I downloaded it twice, one via a direct link and the other via Torrent. In both cases, when the install started, each file failed its hash check. Also, both ISOs did not have the correct checksum.

I wonder if somebody can check this? I’ll have to wait until the next snapshot before I can install Tumbleweed again. I have installed it before. I installed openSUSE Leap 15.0 the other day without issue.



I updated this morning, without any issues.

My guess would be that you are being connected to a bad mirror.

I upgraded TW last night, no problems.

I downloaded the snapshot again and the hashes matched and the install went perfectly.

I was surprised to see so much being downloaded during the install though. It seemed that nearly every file was being downloaded accorting to the log/text that is present during the install. I did not give any permission for that and luckily I am on an unlimited fibre connection.



That’s the result of the nature of the beast. Some weeks we have new snapshots every day. So, you download, create a stick and meanwhile a new snapshot is released.
And, do mind to only use ‘zypper dup’ to update it, nothing else.