Copy DVD iso to bootable USB stick

after 3 days trying to get an installation from a USB stick without success I have a plain simple question:

Is it possible to copy the DVD iso contents to a USB stick, make it bootable and install the whole system from it?

Please do not tell me about the guides here about how to make a liveUSB with two partitions, one partition and the iso on another etc.
I just want to extract the iso on the stick, make it bootable and work.


Maybe this
UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

thanks, I am gonna give it a try.


unfortunately it’s not working. I get an error about ubnkern corrupted when I boot. The md5 of the iso DVD is actually ok.

This worked for me a while ago:
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

this needs an external source… I need everything exctracted and working on the USB stick.

I used unetbootin to install the LiveCD ISO, then deleted the config.isoclient file in its root. I then copied the config.gnome.isoclient / config.kde.isoclient (depending on which ISO you are using) file, and renamed the copy config.isoclient.

That booted for me.

Also, the unofficial KDE 3.5 live image can be installed directly with unetbootin.

I know none of that is strictly what you asked for, but I hope it helps.

thanks for the kind efforts guys. I know the trick with the LiveCD but this is not what I am looking for. The reason I posted this question is because I didn’t find yet an answer in the forums, google etc. I know how to make a liveUSB from the LiveCD, I know also how to make a LiveUSB from the DVD using an external source. (either on a local disk or on a usb stick with two partitions etc.). All of these are already documented in the forums and wiki. The question is how to extract the ISO and a USB stick and use it the same way like the DVD.

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That would be great for me, too (although the DVD is too big for my usb, I would need to get it work with the CD-iso)

Trying for weeks now to get any installer to start and with neither of the possibilities from the guides I can make it find the repository. If it was all on an usb just like on a CD/DVD that should solve the problem (I don’t have a CD drive).

You can try Unetbootin as mentioned beore, though it didn’t work for me. Try also this link How to Make openSUSE 11.1 LiveUSB | Spirit of Change .

In google I found few days ago these images with KDE3 USB Stick ready. I dind’t try them since I don’t want the liveCD on USB.

I am trying to do the same. I have tried both the DVD ISO and the NET install ISO with Unetbootin.

The USB will boot and I get the unetbootin boot loader with several choices.

If I choose default I get the message “Invalid or corrupt kernel image” and a prompt(not CLI).
If I choose linux I get bootet with the openSuse boot process, but the graphical install does not start. Instead I get into the OLD ncurses installation screen where it asks for CD1. If I try to go back and choose the option install from harddrive(choosing the USB drive) I get optet for an repository catalog which I have tried several options.
Network installation from the same ncurses installation interface will not work either as it does not find the installation repository from the given IP(

I am using unetbootin from Windows as I do not have an Linux box.

I have succeeded to boot an Kubuntu installation from USB using Unetbootin without the error message I received with OpenSuse (invalid or corrupt kernel image).

Hi All

First post on here I hope this is of use to someone.

I have had for several months now a small notepad computer i.e. no CD/DVD drive, and have been trying to find a way to install an OS from a memory stick.

All my PC’s run XP, and so have struggled with this question. On doing a search I came across an article creating (sorry can’t find the link again so my apologies to the person who posted this originally, but also my thanks) a bootable Windows Vista installation system on a USB stick. One problem here I you need to be running Vista, my good fortune I have a friend who is running Vista on a laptop so were able to try this.

Firstly search for, download and install Magic ISO
Using MagicISO to create ISO image files

Here are the instructions I followed:

  1. Connect a relevant sized USB Memory stick to the computer
  2. Run CMD.EXE
  3. diskpart
    a. Now type – “list disk” to double check the drive number
  4. select disk X (where X is the disk number of the USB Disk)
  5. clean
  6. create partition primary
  7. select partition X
  8. active
  9. format fs=fat32
  10. assign
  11. exit

Now close down the command window(s) that are open.

Find the ISO image you would like to run from your USB Disk and load it using MagicISO in the top left hand file area right click on the image volume label and select extract, this will give ask you where you wish to extract the files to, select the appropriate location and wait.

After completion confirm your iso has been installed on the memory stick by re-booting your machine from the memory stick, I have tried this with windows 7 RC and it works fine.

Hope this helps someone

i’ll be trying this on my vista SP1:)

it didn’t work for me

I have installed Windows 7 via a USB and 4gb SD Card, but tried to copy over my restore DVD for my notebook with no luck so it appeards to work for somethings and not others, will try and find another solution for things like this.


Despite being inactive for almost there years, I thought to share my solution here for benefit of others (this post shows on first page of google search for relevant queries).

I’ve written the following shell script which patches the initrd image of opensuse ISO image adding support for “fromiso” boot parameter:

You can find example and usage info in the comment of the above script.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for sharing. But … you reopened a very, very old thread. And, there’s a program in the package “syslinux” called “isohybrid”, which can be used to modify the DVD iso in such a way, that it can be “dd-ed” to a USB device and thus be booted from.