Converting .deb to .rpm with alien -r

Since i have a subscription for VPN unlimited i want to make my OpenSuse 12.3 64bit run the daemon/app.
So i downloaded the 32bit version on my 32bit Kubuntu and the convert.
Then i tried to install the rpm on my 64 bit machine.
It gave the error: nothing provides needed by vpn-unlimited-2.8.0-2.i386
Now this might be due to the fact that i should have converted the 64 bit daemon/app instead of the 32-bit version.
But i think i cannot convert a 64bit app with alien -r on a 32-bit machine. But i have no other 64 bit nachine present. Is there a solution? Maybe you have a download-link for this app?
Kins Regards,
Peter ( peterz11 )

Scripts are never allowed to be run as SETUID root. That would be a security hole.

Out of curiosity, have you tried downloading the 64bit version and try to convert it on the 64bit machine?

This should not have been posted here. Sorry, forget it.