Convert mp3 to aac

How to convert easily? Can somebody tell me step-by-step… I’m stupid you know :\

May I be a bit nasty? This is your second post. You first post about Amarok got an answer within two hours (which I think is rather fast for a bunch of volunteers spread around all time zones). I also think that answer was well founded. Nevertheless you did not post back if it halped you. Thus we (and caf4926 foremost) are still wondering if the answer was usefull and if you got Amarok working to your satisfaction. This might be frustrating to those who tried to help you.

Nevertheless you happily start a new question, apparently in the hope you will get a quick and functional answer without ever saying: thank you.

What do you think caf4926 will do with your question?

I use PACPL as packaged by Packman packagers for all my audio conversions: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket pacpl

If you do try it and it works, it would be good to read some feedback that you had success.

oh… I’ll go and write that it worked…

Ok I tried to install pacpl but it says
"nothing provides mppenc needed by

Conflict Resolution:
[option 1] do not install
[option 2] break pacpl by ignoring some of its depencies"