Contact & Friends missing from the OpenSUSE theme


When one goes into the user control panel and if one is using the openSUSE-Forums theme, there’s a link present to Contacts & Friends. However, if one is using the OpenSUSE theme, this link is missing in the control panel. Can this be fixed?



> Can this be fixed?

Short answer: Yes. :slight_smile:

Long answer: We don’t use the vBulletin default templates so every time
vBulletin comes out with an update, we have to manually update our
templates to reflect functionality changes. vBulletin came out with a
major version update right before we went live so our poor guy here that
does template updates in his spare time is working harder than a one-armed
wall paper hanger to get it done. 1st priority is the main template we use
(openSUSE-Forums) and 2nd priority is the secondary template (openSUSE)