connection through vpn


I am using YaST’s kvpnc( on suse 11.1) to connect to my CISCO profile.
However after some work and look arround, I am successfully able to establish a vpn connection.

But, I am not able to access my network ( for which the I connected to that profile)

I am even not able to ping my work servers…
from windows … I use cisco vpn client to connect pcf file. and after connection from any xterminal tool ( eg putty) I connect to my work servers.

Pl help.


I connect to work via Cisco Vpn and I don’t have any issues. Once you are connected successfully you are part of your work network. You should be able to connect to any machine unless your firewall is blocking you to do so. Which protocols are you trying to connect through? If ssh check that port 22 is open. If you want to remote desktop to your machine(ex a windows machine) you should be able to. How do you know that you are connected successfully? any terminal server should connect you to your desired internal work server via the protocol used if you are connected.