Connecting to windows folder via KDE Network Wizard

Leap 42.2 KDE Plasma 5.8.x

I got a laptop running the Linux system, connected with the same router as the windows PC. I am trying to easily share data between the two, thus I went to the KDE Network Wizard and chose to add a Microsoft Network Drive. Both systems do access the Internet through the same router just fine.

Following these instructions

I only get an “unable to connect to server. Please check your settings and try again” from the KDE Network Wizard.

Using “ipconfig” on the windows machine I get an IPv4 address: Also tried the host name in the wizards server field and the IPv6 address, no luck.

Using a browser on the windows machine and trying to navigate to the “shared” folder or drive did not work either (read about that somewhere to check if the (shared) windows (folder) is configured properly), so maybe something isn’t even right with the windows system?

Tried so many things, even updating the firmware of the router and restarting it (a vodafone easybox).

Any input appreciated

thanks :slight_smile:

Tried it with sharing a folder on the win 10 desktop, another directory and even

Also tried different paths to the folder in the network wizard, not just the exact folder name. No luck.

Turned off windows firewall, router firewall, and configured the “samba firewall settings” according to this:

Still no success.