Connect to VPN


I’ve got three questions:

  1. what application to install to connect to VPN as client (KDE)?
  2. is it possible to connect to make VPN connection via web browser?
  3. Is it possible to make vpn connection as client via Dolphin?

Thank you for answering my questions

NetworkManager is often used.

is it possible to connect to make VPN connection via web browser?

There are browser-based VPN addons. For example…

Is it possible to make vpn connection as client via Dolphin?

Not sure I understand you here. Best if you explain what you’re trying to achieve specifically.

For VPN as KDE I’d go for NetworkManager.

Regarding Dolphin I would Google your exact challenge. I don’t quite understand what you are trying to accomplish.

I am sorry I couldn’t answer this, because I was very, very busy. I suppose there is the way I make vpn connection and after connected, Dolphin could become “window of remote computer” - to see remote computer thru Dolphin.


If there is some other Application for connect to remote computer using VPN, that has its own window to show remote computer in it.

I think I was a little bear clearer.

Thank yo for answering my questions.

I think you are asking whether it’s possible to view the Desktop of a remote computer.
Yes, that’s possible and there are numerous solutions often tailored to more specific requirements… such as…

  • Is this only for yourself connecting to a remote machine or many people may need to connect to this one machine?
  • If more than one person needs to connect to this machine, do they need to access the same session (view the same thing) on that computer?
  • When you connect to the remote computer, is it in a business network or a home network? A home network is usually fairly basic and configured the same way regardless of Internet connection or equipment used. If a business network, then there are usually special considerations specific to the Internet connection and may input or assistance from Tech Help for the Business.

If you don’t require connecting to a running session (Desktop) on the remote machine,
Are you simply trying to access a particular resource, like specific files or an application?
So, for instance might you simply want to be able to access a file on the machine and either view or download the file to your local machine?

And lastly,
Do you have administrative access to both your own machine and the remote machine you want to connect to?


This reads like you just require secure remote file access. It is possible to achieve this using VPN connectivity if desired. Of course you would need to configure the firewall to allow the server connectivity. The client PC could then tunnel in and assuming SSH server was also running you could then use the fish protocol or to access the shares assuming you have the appropriate user credentials.

It is also achievable without employing a VPN (and just the appropriate firewall configuration). You would need to know the public IP address of the server though. If for example, you have two remote machines like this (with PC2 needing to access a PC1 file share)…

PC1 (Remote)–Firewall1------<Internet>------Firewall2–PC2 (Local)

You need to install an SSH server on PC1, configure it, an have user account access credentials for the remote user. While you can use username/password credentials it would be better to configure public key-based login credentials.The remote firewall (Firewall1 in this example) also needs to be configured to allow traffic from the internet-connected hosts to the computer where the SSH server is running.

For remote desktop connectivity VNC may be your friend…

Thank you for this introducing. My question is just to learn something. Not to do anything. Let me now explain better: I am interested what would be needed for me to do to connect to my employee’s computer system using VPN from my home computer (I would be client, that’s clear); is there any “GUI tool” for acces to remote computer via VPN. My business laptop already has settings, I need not to do anything.

At the end, once again: this is not question with intention to do anything. Just to learn more. :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my question.

This is such briliant lesson. Will be added to my notebook. :slight_smile: It is always nice to me if I can learn something more. In answer to @tsu2 I explained why I started this thread. Thank you, also, for answering my questions.

I am not sure, but reading this, it also sounds you need a VNC,

Do you want to work on the remote device or only access the data?

There are several methods, one is setup OwnCloud and sync to it, that way you can access the data.

Or you use Gdrive/DropBox etc to sync to and have all data accessible.

If you want to access your computer to work on, you need a VNC. Setting up a safe VNC is unfortunately not a click and go operation. Actually, why are all VNC unecrypted?
You also have commercial providers like Teamviewer to help with that.